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The international partnership between Keuka College and Jimei University received official approval from Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committe in June, 2003 (Document No. 70 of 2003, OSCADC). As the first international bachelor’s degree program accredited by the Educational Accreditation Office in Fujian Province, Jimei-Keuka Program is also the only educational program who recruits students independently (non-state planned enrollment) approved by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. In 2007 ,it was checked by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (Document No.MOE35US2A20030290O, MOE35US2A20030291O) and passed the evaluation of Sino-Foreign Educational Cooperation Programs by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (Document No. 153 of 2014, JWS; Document 2109 of 2014, JWS).


Duration and Mode:

1. 4-year Undergraduate Program. Applying both core curriculums of Jimei University and Keuka College, Jimei University provides 75 academic credits for teaching, while Keuka College provides 16 courses’ teaching (45 academic credits). Courses taught by Keuka College are provided at Jimei University with English as instructional language (Keuka College sends its American faculty to teach students in English and students use English course books and complete coursework in English.) After students are admitted to the program, they are required to attend intensive English courses to improve their English proficiency so that they would be capable of taking courses in English language.

2. 3+1 Undergraduate Program

Students who achieve required English proficiency level may choose to study at Keuka College American campus as well.


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